Letters to Charlie ~ WWII Vets ~ Aleutian Island Chain

August 28, 2010

Akutan Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

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Letters to Charlie ~ WWII Vet on Aleutian Island Chain

I’m in the beginning stages of writing a fiction book about a WWII vet who was stationed out on the Aleutian Island Chain, Dutch Harbor or one of the other smaller islands. I’m trying to get a visual in my head about that time period. If you were stationed there I’d like to get your view on what you thought about being stationed on the islands, your first and last impressions, what was the general climate (not temp, but emotional) while you were there and what job you had (what was your daily routine like), also I’m interested if you or any one you knew had any dealings with the Aleuts before they were evacuated.

Why the Aleutians?

In my early twenties I lived on Akutan for three years and visited Dutch Harbor quite a bit. I was able to do some hiking and see some of the remnants of the war, such as gun turrets and shelters. I haven’t been back since I left. During college I was very interested in this aspect of the war as it is not talked about as much the battles in Japan and Europe. I did a couple of research papers on it that related to the Aleut side of the story. If you’re a vet, or you have a relative or grandparent that is a WWII vet and was stationed out on the Aleutian Chain I would I’d love to hear from you.


One Response to “Letters to Charlie ~ WWII Vets ~ Aleutian Island Chain”

  1. Al Currier Says:

    Hi. I’d be happy to share information with you. I was in the Army stationed on Attu during WWII and then revisited the islands on a cruise back in the summer of 2005. I have photos from both journeys and a few stories to tell.

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